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In this review of the Bafang Hub motor , I will be looking at the Das-Kit Electric bike conversion kit, currently available from Amazon in the UK and EU – I have also compiled a product table of 250w – 750w Bafang hub motor kits available from Aliexpress and various Amazon locales.

These kits are supplied by Leon Cycle GmbH, a German company based in Hanover. Their kits use the proven Bafang geared hub motor. This compact electric motor uses planetary gears, which allow the motor to spin at high speeds, making it a lot more efficient than a larger direct drive motor.

bafang hub motor

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review

Small geared hub motors produce significantly more torque, making them excellent for climbing hills. They are also easy to pedal with the power switched off, making them much more suitable for someone who only needs the power on hills.

A couple of negative factors with these motors, is that they produce a little more noise than direct drive hubs, and the nylon planetary gears can wear over time (especially if you are a heavier rider, or you carry heavy cargo). The good news is that replacement parts are cheap and fairly easy to replace for a DIY enthusiast.

The Das-Kit LCD display is clear and easy to use and offers 6 levels of pedal assist with ‘0’ being no assist to ‘6’ being full power. This is the exact same motor fitted to the NCM Electric mountain bike, reviewed elsewhere on this site.

This particular kit is available in rear wheel only format and is sold in 26″ / 27.5″ and 28″ wheel sizes, it will take a standard Shimano 7-speed screw-on freewheel gear block.

Bafang hub motor
Bafang Hub Motor fitted on NCM Electric mountain bike


You will first need to check the wheel size of your bike. If you do not know the size, it can be found on the tyres: 26″ / 599 (ISO) 27.5 / 584 (ISO) 28″ / 622 (ISO) – PLEASE NOTE: If you are installing this kit on a 29er mountain bike, then you will require the 28″ (622) wheel size. For more information on tyre and wheel sizes check out this post by the great Sheldon Brown.

This kit is only compatible with standard rear drop-outs. It will not fit a bike with thru-axles. Nearly all cheaper bikes have standard quick-release drop-outs. But if you are thinking of installing this kit on a higher end mountain bike or road bike, you will need to double check.

photo of standard rear bicycle frame drop outs
Standard drop-outs – this type is compatible with the hub motor

You will also need to check the kind of bottom bracket your bike has fitted. If it is a standard square-tapered BB, there should not be a problem. If, however you have an Octalink / ISIS or Hollowtech ll type BB then you will need to purchase a separate gear sensor.

This particular hub motor kit is not compatible with cassette gears (usually 8/9/10 or 11 speed), but other Bafang hub motors that are compatible are available at the bottom of this post.

Installationdas-kit 250 watt electric bike conversion kit

Hub motors, are, in my opinion the easiest solution for a fairly quick and easy electric bike conversion. There are several key components in this electric bike conversion kit:

  • The wheel with the hub motor
  • LCD Display
  • Motor controller
  • Wiring loom
  • Throttle (optional to fit)
  • Pedal assist sensor with magnetic disc

Fitting these kits, really couldn’t be easier. The only other essential item you will need to purchase is 36v battery. I will be writing a separate article on installation of hub motor kits.


Motor: Bafang 8FUN rear wheel gear hub motor (35Nm-45Nm max torque), silver, 36V 250W

Dimensions: Rear drop-out width for motor: 135mm, motor diameter: 160mm,

Gear fitment: Screw-on freewheel gear block (up to 7-speed) Not compatible with cassette gears 8/9/10/11 speed.

Brake disc rotor: 6-hole disc brake mount, also compatible with rim brakes.

Display & Throttle L6BT 2,5″ LCD display incl. back light, display extension cable approx. 1900mm, 6 AssistLevels, Thumb Throttle (fitting optional).

Controller: CT4 Controller 36V, Current 7A, maximum current 15A (1 Sec.),

Connections: Motor, Battery, Display, Front light up to 42V Controller dimensions: L x H x W = approx. 9,0 x 6,0 x 2,7cm.

Pedal assist disc: (12 magnets) Installation on the right side of the bottom bracket. For an installation on the left side, a special Hollowtech & Octalink Sensor is needed.

Distance from Pedal assist sensor to magnetic disc approx. 5-7mm

Wiring loom length approx. 950mm

Brake Levers: Artek brake levers, cut-off sensor on the left side

Spokes Stainless steel, silver Rim 26″ / 27,5″ / 28″ hollow-section rim

Black cable-ties included

Weight Rear wheel motor including rim: approx. 4,6kg

das-kit lcd6 display and functions
The Das-Kit LCD6 display provided with the kit


I decided to review the Bafang hub motor, as I have installed dozens of these kits in the past and they have proven time and time again to be the most reliable. As much as I like mid-drive motors, the simplicity and comparatively easy installation of hub motors wins the day for me. I have had customers use these motors on daily commutes for two years without any reported issues. Even if they go wrong (which they rarely do) repair is usually straightforward, and parts supply is plentiful.

With a 36v14.5ah battery fitted, you can expect an assisted range of between 25-40 miles, and considerably more if you are frugal with the pedal assist.

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Throttle or not?

This is a matter of personal choice. It is legal to fit a throttle to a used bike in the UK and the EU – as long as the bike complies with the 250w / 15.5mph (25km/h) law.

If you have dodgy knees, then the throttle can be an invaluable asset in helping you to get moving. But over use or over reliance on the throttle can result in premature wear of the planetary gears and may cause the controller to overheat (especially when climbing a hill).

That’s it for this review, I will be doing more electric bike conversion kit reviews in future. In the meantime, I have compiled a price comparison chart for some of the best cheap electric bike conversion kits available.

Below is a selection of Bafang hub motor kits currently available from suppliers on Aliexpress and various Amazon locales in Europe, USA and Canada

Bafang 500w hub motor kits
Buy from Amazon UK
Buy from Amazon Canada
Achat d'Amazon France
Acquista da Amazon Italia
Bafang hub motor Kits (Global Shipping)Product Photo
Bafang 250w front or rear hub motor electric bike kit bafang 250w front rear hub motor electric bike kit
Bafang 48v 500w front or rear wheel hub motor kitbafang 48v 500w front or rear hub motor electric bike kit
Bafang 48v 500w CST rear hub motor kit with 850c or 500c color displaybafang 48v 500w cst rear hub motor kit with color display
Bafang 48v 750w rear hub motor kit for fat bikebafang 48v 750w hub motor kit for fat bike
36v 20ah or 15ah hard case triangle battery36v 20ah or 15ah hard case triangle battery
48v / 52v 20ah Hard case triangle battery52v 20ah hard case triangle battery
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Das-Kit 36v 250w Electric Bike Conversion Kit


Value for Money


Ease of Installation









  • One of the best value 250w kits available
  • Proven Bafang hub motor
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Very reliable
  • Road Legal in UK and EU


  • Nylon gears can wear over time
  • A little noisier than direct drive hubs

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