In the coming weeks, I will be adding pdf manuals, to cover the Bafang display units, from the C961, C965 and the later Dp-C14 / P850c displays and the very latest DP-c18 display.

Bafang p850c colour display

I will also be providing instructions and advice on installing the Bafang BBS motor and (hopefully) upload a video to YouTube that I can link to.

There are some excellent books available from Amazon relating to electric bikes and cycling in general. I will compile a table of the best-rated ones on there at the moment.

I have also added some quick and nutritious health food ideas, for when you haven’t enough time to cook a meal.

Most of the recipes below are smoothies, but I will be adding some more healthy snack ideas in the future. I have also included a list of my 10 best healthy foods. These are the ingredients I use most regularly in my day to day life, and all are proven to be extremely beneficial to your health.

All of my smoothie recipes are packed full of superfoods and are an excellent energy booster to have an hour or two before a long bike ride, or any exercise.

The ingredients I use are all proven to have health benefits.  You will notice, in all of my smoothie recipes, I use beetroot juice. If you do not like beetroot juice, you may want to use something like apple juice or similar as an alternative. Milk alternatives may also be used in the protein smoothie recipes.

All my smoothies are made using the Nutribullet NBLP9 900w blender – I have been using this practically every day for two years and it is still going strong, I can’t recommend this blender enough.

beetroot and kale smoothie




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