Electric Bike Parts

The chances are, if you build a DIY e-bike, at some stage you will need a reliable source of electric bike parts.

Fortunately, now the industry has been going for a good few years there is an excellent choice of replacement parts, covering anything from a Bafang controller through to LCD displays, pedal sensors, motor parts and so on.

motor controller in electric bike parts

As the demand has increased, so has the availability.  Sometimes it can be challenging to find all the parts in one place, so I have compiled the table below to make things a little easier.

The parts will be listed in the order below, starting with Bafang parts. I have compiled a separate table for electric bike batteries.

  • Bafang  parts
  • Tongsheng parts
  • Electric bike controller
  • Electric bike display
  • Electric bike PAS (pedal assist sensor)
  • Throttle

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Bafang Parts
Product Photo
BBS01B 250w/350w motor controllerbafang bbs01 controller
BBS02B 500w 36v Motor Controllerbafang bbs02b controller
BBS02B 750w motor controllerbafang bbs02b controller
BBSHD 1000w motor controllerBafang bbshd controller
DP-C18 Color Displaybafang dp-c18 display
P850c Color Displaybafang 850c color display
500c Mini Color Displaybafang 500c mini color display
C965 Displayc965 display
Lockring Toolbafang tool
PAS Magnetic Ringbafang pas magnet ring
PAS circuit boardbafang pas sensor circuit
Programming Leadbafang usb programming lead
Pinion Gear BBS01 / BBS02 / BBSHDBafang pinion gear bbs01 / bbs02 / bbshd
Nylon Gear BBS01 / BBS02 BBSHDBafang Nylon gear bbs01 / bbs02 / bbshd
Motor Gasket BBS01 / BBS02bafang motor cover gasket bbs01 / bbs02
Pawl Clutch / pedal freewheel BBS01 / BBS02bafang pedal freewheel / pawl clutch
Replacement Bearingsbafang motor replacement bearings
Motor Clutch BBS01 / BBS02 / BBHDbafang motor clutch bbs01 / bbs02 / bbshd
6v Headightbafang 6v headlight
Gear shift Sensorbafang gear shift sensor
Speed Sensor extension cablebafang speed sensor extension cable
Speed Sensorbafang speed sensor
Bafang Hydraulic BrakesBafang hydraulic brakes
Tektro Dorado HD-E710 Hydraulic brakestektro dorado hd-e710 hydraulic brakes for ebike
Alloy Chainringbafang alloy chainring for bbs01 / bbs02
104 BCD / 130 BCD Chainring Spider Adaptorbafang 104 bcd / 130 bcd chainring spider
Push Throttlebafang thumb throttle
Twist Throttleebike twist throttle
Plastic gear cover BBS01 / BBS02bafang plastic gear cover bbs01 / bbs02
BBSHD Motor Statorbafang bbshd motor stator
BBS01 / BBS02 Motor Statorbafang bbs01 / bbs02 motor stator
Wiring harness e-bus cablebafang wiring harness
Tongsheng TSDZ2 Parts
Product Photo
Motor controller 36v 250w / 350w | 48v 500w / 750wTongsheng TSDZ2 motor controller 36v / 48v
Bare motor unit for 36v / 48v tongsheng tsdz2 bare motor for 36v / 48v
Nylon primary gear replacement 36v / 48v / 52vtongsheng tsdz2 nylon primary gear replacement
Primary gear - metal replacementTongsheng tsdz2 primary metal gear replacement
Replacement torque sensorTongsheng TSDZ2 replacement torque sensor
Double chainring 42 / 34Tongsheng TSDZ2 double chainring 42 / 34
Double Chainring 52 / 42Tongsheng TSDZ2 double chainring 42 / 34
Chainring 34t / 42t / 52tTongsheng TSDZ2 chainring 34t / 42t / 52t
V5LCD Displaytongsheng v5lcd display
XH18 LCD DisplayTongsheng TSDZ2 XH18-LCD display
Electric Bike Parts
Product Photo
KT LCD3 Displaykt lcd3 ebike display
KT LCD8H Color Displaykt lcd8 color ebike display
KT LCD5 Displaykt lcd5 ebike display
Pedal Assist Sensorpedal assist sensor for ebike
Torque Sensor Bottom Brackettorque sensor bottom bracket
Torque sensor system with controller - speed sensor - 850c displaycomplete torque sensing system with controller and 850c display
36v / 48v 1500w controller with KT-LCD3 display for ebike36v / 48v 1500w controller with KT LCD3 display
36v / 48v 1500w controller for ebike1500w electric bike controller
Sabvoton USB Bluetooth adaptorSabvoton controller bluetooth adaptor
Sabvoton Controller 150A SVMC72150 for QS 3000w brushless Motor controllersabvoton 150A controller
Cycle Analyst V3Cycle Analyst V3

The table below is for UK and Republic of Ireland customers. It contains links to electric bike parts available on Amazon UK.