Electric Bikes

If you’re after an electric fat bike for tearing up the sand dunes or just a cheap and cheerful hack for the daily commute, there is an amazing choice of electric bikes now available.

ncm moscow electric bike review

On this page I have provided links to articles reviewing the best selling electric bikes available in each of the following popular categories:

10 Best Electric Fat Bikes – full article

10 Best Folding Electric Bikes – full article

8 of the best Cheap Electric Mountain Bikes

All of the bikes featured, offer excellent value for money and have been selected based on customer feedback, value for money and specification.

What type of ebike is best suited for me?

This really boils down the kind of use your bike will be getting. If you are after a bike for some light trail riding, then a mountain bike or fat bike would be ideal. Maybe you are thinking about using an electric bike for commuting and want something isn’t going to break the bank. Either way there is something for everyone.

Electric mountain bikes – Are usually designed to be ridden on rough terrain, but most are suitable for on or off road riding. They are incredibly versatile and usually have a more robust design than traditional bikes, with features like front suspension to dampen the lumps and bumps of off-road riding. This makes electric mountain bikes popular with commuters.